Dr George Shemdoe,the COSTECH Principal Research Officer and the expert in intellectual properties who also  deals with grassroots innovators at the Commission, visited the India National Innovation Fund(NIF) in July 2013.After his visit, he decided to share the Indian experience to the COSTECH staff.


Dr George  Shemdoe gives details of  the National Innovation Fund of India as an autonomous organization under the Department of Science and Technology of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of India.NIF  deals with grass roots innovators and traditional knowledge holders.


A cross section of COSTECH staff follow step by the step Dr Shemdoe’s Presentation



COSTECH Director General Dr Hassan Mshinda, concentrates about different NIF activities which are divided into: Scouting and Documentation; Value Addition, Research and Development, Intellectual Property Management; Business Development & Micro Venture Funding and Dissemination and Social Diffusion.

Prof Clavery Tungaraza,COSTECH Director of Physical Sciences (right)listens carefully to Dr Shemdoe’s presentation on how the National Innovation Foundation of India has  systems of developing and commercializing  potential grassroots innovations through establishment  of enterprises, technology licensing  and social diffusion.He is flanked by COSTECH Research Officer,Mr  Frank Makalla.Behind them is COSTECH Chief Research Officer Dr Nicholaus Nyange