Dear TAAS Fellows
Mr Hans Hagen from the Royal Society who is overseeing the scientific research awards from Leverhulme – Royal Society Africa Awards will be visiting TAAS on Tuesday, 27 August 2013. On the 27. 8. 2013 at 2 pm in the afternoon at COSTECH conference hall, he will provide a presentation on the overview on the Royal Society, homing in on two capacity building programmes from UK. The title will be : “Royal Society Funding opportunities for African scientists”. It is an opportunity to update on the Leverhulme Royal Society African research funds awards and the outcomes of the new DFID funded initiative. You are invited to attend this meeting and inform any young
scientists in your organizations or associations including COSTECH, universities and research organizations who are interested as they
are also invited to attend. Please let us know if you will attend despite the short notice

With best regards

A P Nanyaro, PhD, FTAAS, R eng
Executive Director TAAS