Tanga Regional Commissioner, Chiku Gallawa visited COSTECH today. The aim of her visit was to invite COSTECH to participate in the Regional Investors Forum which is to be organized soon this year. The Regional Commissioner has some discussions with COSTECH Director General Dr Hassan Mshinda on how to use Research, Science, Technology and Innovation to attract different investments in the region. 

Tanga Regional Commissioner Chiku Gallawa(center) talks to COSTECH Director General Dr Hassan Mshinda(left) on the need to encourage enterpreneurship among Tanga residents through opportunities available in the region such as Land,Tourism,Trade,Fishing etc.Together with them is Mwana Amani (right) ,Personal Assistant in the Tanga regional office.

Tanga Regional Commissioner Chiku Gallawa describes the potentialities of the Tanga region as a border City with excellent strategic infrastructure, supported by services of the 2nd largest port in Tanzania (Tanga Port), Railway line, good tarmac roads, which serves the Northern regions and hinterland effectively. 

Director General Dr Hassan Mshinda(left) in a tete-a-tete with the  Tanga Regional Commissioner Chiku Gallawa  today at COSTECH offices