The Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) today has interviewed contestants of the Tanzania Award for Scientific and Technological (TASTA) Achievements. The TASTA award is given to Tanzanians who have made scientific or technological discoveries, inventions,¬ innovations or adaptations which have relevance to the socio-economic development of the country..


COSTECH Acting Director of Innovation and enterpreneurship competativeness, Dr Dugushilu Mafunda gives the opening remarks before the interview of TASTA contestants

The TASTA ecretariet go through Curriculum Vitae of all TASTA contestants. The application of TASTA awards includes a short curriculum vitae, institutional profile, description of the use of which the achievement has been put or is likely to be put, it’s likely impact on socio-economic development or on scientific or technological knowledge and an outline of the claim, which may include the state of the art, the inventive/innovative step, drawings, designs, illustrations, photographs or provision of a prototype

Grassroot Innovator,Bellington Gamaliel Lymo explains to the Secretariet how his invention of water lense works

Grassroot Innovator,Bellington Gamaliel Lymo  from Morogoro demonstrates how his simple Microscope made of  water lens works

Seniour Research Officer  at  COSTECH, Dr Afua Mohamed, justifies the innovation  of a simple microscope which uses water lens  from  Bellington Gamaliel Lymo from Morogoro.

Mr Justin Mungure from Arusha explains to the panelists how he deserve to get the TASTA award.Mrb Mungure discovered a Tractor which uses Motorcycle engine to cultivate 3 hectares per day.That tractor uses uses only 3 petroleum liters per one hectare .Application for the TASTA can be made individually or by institution and submitted to COSTECH..