Heads or representatives from the affiliated institutions serve on the Board of COSTECH, which is commonly known as the Commission. Members of the Commission also include professors from national universities and policy makers from Ministries of both Union and Zanzibar Government.

The Commissioners are triennially appointed by the Minister of the parent Ministry – the MCST and the Chairperson of the Commission is a Presidential appointee. Some of the Commission members constitute an Executive Committee, which is a statutory organ of the Commission to which the Commission can delegate, any of its functions. As the governing authority of COSTECH, the Commission gives broad directives and guidelines to the Secretariat and its various R&D Advisory Committees.

The composition of the Commission has members representing all sectors of the economy, Deans/Directors of faculties and institutes that deal with R&D activities and representatives from Ministries of both the Union Government and Government of Zanzibar that directly affect R&D activities in the country. Thus all key national economic sectors, which include: agriculture and livestock, public health, forestry, fisheries, marine sciences, minerals, industry and energy and wildlife are represented.

Currently the chairperson of the commission is Col. (Retd) Joseph Leon Simbakalia, Director General, Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA)

The current Commission composition is as follows:

1.  Col. (Retd) Joseph Leon SimbakaliaChairman

2.  Prof. Jafari Ramadhani Kideghesho – Member,  Assistant Director, Wildlife Division, Ministry of Natural Resources &  Tourism.

3.  Dr. Agnes Kijazi – Member -   Director General, Tanzania Meteorological Agency.

4.  Eng. Happiness L.J. Ngoti -Mgalula – Member – Executive Secretary, President’s Office, Planning Commission.

5.  Prof. Gerald Claudia Monela – Member -   Vice Chancellor, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA).

6.  Prof. Magishi Nkwabi Mgasa – Member -  Executive Secretary, Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU).

7.  Prof. Evelyne I. Mbede – Member -   Director of Science and Technology, Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology.

8.  Dr. Deo Mtasiwa – Member -   Deputy Secretary, TAMISEMI.

9.  Dr. Jonathan S. Mbwambo – Member,  Assistant Director, Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

10. Mr. Daniel C. Machemba – Member, Executive Director, Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture.

11. Dr. Suleiman Shehe Mohamed – Member,  Administrator of Pemba Facility, Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism.

12. Ms Hamisa Ali Mohamed – Member , Head of HR Development, Zanzibar Planning Commission.