Research Coordination

COSTECH is charged with coordination of scientific research in the United Republic of Tanzania. Coordination involves a number of activities which ensure that research priorities identified at national level are carried out effectively and efficiently to bring about the expected results. Through the nine technical R&D Advisory Committees, research policy and research agenda are worked out by experts.


Effective R&D Management

For effective management of R&D activities it is essential to have a strong linkage among the R&D institutions, the donor community, policy makers and end-users of the research results..

Aims: linking the R&D activities to national industrial requirements and those of end-users; improving the quality of R&D output through effective utilization of the resources; sensitizing the scientific and donor community on national research priorities. Sensitizing entrepreneurs and other research beneficiaries of the importance of supporting R&D activities and utilization of research results with the anticipation of building strong and effective linkages between R&D institutions and their clientele and improving the setting up of R&D priority areas.

COSTECH has coordinated the formulation of research priority areas. These are in the seven major economic sectors. Research priority areas which has been given more emphasis include areas in agriculture to ensure food security, better use of energy including renewable energy, better utilization of natural resources, public health, manufacturing industry, as well as new and emerging technologies such as biotechnology and information and communications technology (ICT). COSTECH has also forged a linkage between institutions which are dealing with technology development named as “sister institutions collaboration”. The institutions involved are TIRDO, IPI, TEMDO, CAMARTEC and COSTECH. To day the collaboration has involved additional institutions namely TATC, NHBRA, SIDO and TaTEDO


Research Promotion

Another major function of the Commission is to promote research and the spirit of invention and innovation at all levels. Under research promotion therefore, COSTECH supports research through providing grants, commissioning specific studies and projects as well as identifying individuals with talents who can contribute significantly to scientific and technological development.