The Commission is currently in the process of building a National Research Registry, which will assist researchers to identify their colleagues and to be aware of various studies already conducted in a particular field.Statistics from current registry reveal that the 1990′s have recorded a rise in the number of researchers coming to Tanzania for research. Most research scientists tend to originate from countries such as USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands. Fields of study that attract most foreigners include wildlife and other life sciences, anthropology, sociology, languages and archaeology.

As national clearing house of research undertaken by independent foreign researchers in this country. After completing of their work recipients deposit at COSTECH reports and other publications arising from the research which they have been to carry out. As a result of receiving this deposited report COSTECH has accumulated a sizeable, collection of research reports.

Apart from its own report collection other R&D institutes as well as institutions of higher learning generate a lot of research output. Notwithstanding the potentially big collection of research reports scattered in the various institutions its documentation remains problematic. Therefore COSTECH has resolved to establish the National Research Registry in order to properly document the national research output. Databases will be constructed from this Registry to ease the storage and retrieval of findings of research carried out in the country.