Major objectives of the Directorate have been to:

  • Appraise Research and Development (R&D) activities undertaken by R&D Institutions
  • Establish effective linkages between R&D Institutions with the view of sharing available resources and improving the quality of R&D output
  • Assists  scientists establish close links with other scientists working on similar aspects of research thus encouraging collaboration and co-operation
  • Sensitize entrepreneurs and other research beneficiaries towards supporting R&D activities and utilization of research  results
  • Documentation of  Research and Development activities by affiliated Institutions
  • Act as a national research registry
  • Administer the NFAST through technical R&D Committees to work out research agendas
  • Review the role and effective of R&D Advisory Committees in the light of co-ordinating and monitoring research.

Other duties undertaken by the Directorate include:

  • Funding and Supporting dissemination of R&D activities
  • Foster collaboration with regional and international organizations.