On 7th February 2014 The Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) through its Directorate of Innovation, entrepreneurship and Competitiveness started a process of screening nominees for Tanzania Award for Scientific and Technological Achievements for the year 2014. COSTECH gives Awards to Tanzanians who have made Scientific or Technological discoveries, inventions, innovations or adaptations which have relevance to the socio economic development of the country. The criteria for consideration for the TASTA  Award includes the potential impact of the claim on socio economic development especially in relation to current national development goals, originality of the claim, the potential of the claim to increasing productivity and efficiency and the potential contribution of the claim to the advancement of knowledge in general.

Contestant for the Tanzania Award For Scientific and Technological Achievements, Mr. Lizania Bange (3rd Right) elucidates before the COSTECH Technical Committee about his  discoverage of Road Signs using fibre materials.According to him,he desided to use Fibre materials in making  the Road Signs as Road Signs we have in Tanzania are being stolen because they are made  up with iron materials. Looking on are COSTECH Technical Committee members.

Dr Afua Mohamed from COSTECH (left) proves durability of the Road Signs made by Mr Lizania Bange.The Road signs with Fibre materials is a new invention in Tanzania and is expected  to reduce a number of  Road accidents as most of the road Signs we have are being stolen.

A grass root innovator, Mr. Sixtus Kalinga demonstrates how his machine cut the wood into two parts.

COSTECH Principal Research Officer Dr George Shemdoe(centre) looks at the rotation capacity of the Machine. The Machine can rotate 3000 times in a minute. It also uses both electricity and Fuel (Diesel). In 10 hours, it can work with just 2 Litters of Diesel and approximately 14,000/-Tshs for electricity costs.