As you might be aware, Tanzania is a Party to the Vienna Convention on the Protection of Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete Ozone Layer since April 1993. The Ozone. layer is known for its valuable function of filtering the harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the Earth’s surface.

The objective of these conventions, therefore, is to protect human health and the environment against adverse effects resulting from modifications of the ozone layer due to anthropogenic emissions of substances proved to have high ozone depleting potential. These substances are used in various sectors such as refrigeration and air conditioning, industries producing aerosols and foam, agriculture, safety and health, training and research. The Vice President’s Office is a Focal Point to these Conventions and oversees their implementation.

The Ozone Secretariat is soliciting project proposals for possible support under the above mentioned General Trust Fund. Activities to be included in the proposal aim to improve Ozone Research and Systematic Observations relevant to the Vienna Convention.

Your Institution being among the key stakeholders, we are pleased to extend this invitation on call for project proposal. It will be our pleasure to receive your project proposal before zo” June, 2016 so that, we can submit all country’s project proposals to the Ozone Secretariat on time. Kindly find an attached letter from UNEP-Ozone Secretariat regarding the details of the project proposals.

We thank you for the continued support and cooperation.

M. J. Mtenga

All correspondences should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary

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