Research Ethical Committees

These refer to functional and operational Research Ethics Committees (RECs) across various disciplines to ensure that research is carried out in the highest ethical and professional standards. Each research institution is required to establish a functional and operational research ethics committee. They serve as a part of research governance in a respective institution, and it applies to all disciplines.

The Research Ethics Committees are expected to stay updated regarding new developments in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) at national and international standards, adapt and communicate the same to researchers and other institutional authorities handling research issues. They are responsible for spearheading effective research management practices in their respective institutions. They are also responsible in establishing/strengthening institutional scientific review mechanisms/forums, research registration, establish progress reporting mechanisms and frequency. It is advised that RECs should be part of the institutional administrative structures for the proper institutionalization.

For more information, please read “National Research Integrity Framework of Tanzania”.