Buni Innovation Hub under Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) focuses on coordinating and supporting the Innovation ecosystem in Tanzania as part of COSTECH’s mandate to promote and coordinate Science, Technology and Innovation in Tanzania. Buni coordinates and supports the Innovation Ecosystem through various activities, including: Building Capacity to Hub Managers (New and Existing), Mentoring Innovation Spaces, Support establishment of Innovation Spaces in Higher learning Institutions, Research and Development Institutions (R&D) and Local Government Agencies, Connect and act as Intermediary between Innovation Spaces and government, Support Innovators and STARTUPS at early stage and advise COSTECH about the Innovation ecosystem in Tanzania.

Our goal is to physique impactful Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation enablers and leaders (especially in Innovation Spaces) who will support and lead Innovators/STARTUPS to Innovate and solve challenges which are facing our communities. Another goal is to identify and support STARTUPS/Innovators at very early stage. Email: dg@costech.or.tz

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