Call for the Fourth Scientific Research Paper Writing Workshop

Published at: Fri, Feb 17, 2023 1:34 PM


The Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH)


Call for the fourth Scientific Research Paper Writing (4th SRP) Training Workshop-April 2023


The Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) is a government organization established by Parliament Act No. 7 of 1986 as an advisory organ to the government on all matters related to scientific research, innovation, technology development, and transfer. The Commission through the Directorate of Knowledge Management is responsible for acquiring, storing and communicating scientific research results and innovations for application in devising policies, and strategic plans and supporting evidence-based decision-making processes at all levels across sectors and also for increasing regional and international integrations. In this regard, scientific research papers that are published in reputable journals are important and trusted sources of scientific information that can be applied to solve societal problems and also for devising policy at regional and global levels.

However, Young researchers and early career professionals in Africa have difficulties in writing scientific papers and publishing their research works in reputable peer-reviewed journals. These difficulties are observed through the low visibility of scientific papers or articles authored by researchers from Africa that are cited in international reports, especially those that are authored by organizations under the United Nations to inform regional or global policy and decision processes.

Several reasons contribute to why researchers in Africa are unable to prepare quality research papers in a systematic manner that can be published in quality and reputable international journals. Some of the reasons include a lack of adequate training in conducting scientific research, critical thinking, and academic writing skills. These reasons deserve urgent solutions to increase Africa's scientific contribution to international communities or organizations.

In response to the above-stated challenges, the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) organizes Scientific Research Paper Writing training workshops that bring together young and early career researchers. The young researchers are trained by senior researchers with extensive experience in conducting scientific research and publishing in reputable international journals.

From 25th to 27th of November 2020, 24th to 28th May 2021, and 13-17 December 2021, COSTECH conducted three Scientific Research Paper Writing Training Workshops through which seventy (70) young and early career researchers were trained on how to write scientific papers and publication processes in reputable international journals. From these three training workshops, more than 50 articles were submitted by the trainees to different international journals for consideration in the peer review and publication process and twenty (27) scientific research papers were published in different reputable international journals.

Based on the achievements from the previous three training workshops, COSTECH intends to continue building capacity for young and early career professionals to write scientific research papers and publication processes in different international journals to enhance the visibility of scientific outputs from local researchers. In this regard, COSTECH organizes a fourth Scientific Research Paper writing (4th SRP) Training Workshop scheduled to be held in April 2023.

Scientific Research Paper Writing Training Workshop-April 2023

This is a five-day training workshop, from the 3rd to the 7th of April, 2023; and it is designed to improve understanding of the challenges in academic writing, and understanding the differences between academic writing and other writings. Moreover, the training workshop will cover all aspects of scientific writing and scientific article publication processes. This training workshop will enable researchers to make a breakthrough in thinking processes and compiling critical parts of research articles. The topics that will be taught in this workshop are as follows:

  1. Understanding the principles of academic writing and the science of publishing culture and why it is important to publish in reputable international peer-reviewed journals. In this topic, scholars will be engaged in a series of readings, hands-on activities, and/or group discussions/journal clubs along with assignments that will help scholars address many issues in the publishing process. In addition, the scholars will be trained on how to read, write and publish research findings.
  2. Understanding how to respond to editorial decisions and the peer-review process. Here scholars will learn the effective approaches to respond to review comments from the editor and reviewers during the publication process. Moreover, scholars will be trained on how to avoid the plagiarism trap during the preparation of their manuscripts.

Training Approach:

A team of highly experienced internationally cited trainers will conduct the training workshop. Participants that will be selected to attend the training workshop will benefit from intensive, interactive hands-on training during which they will develop their own manuscripts with the goal of submitting them to a journal for publication within three months of completing the workshop. Participants will be expected to bring along a project report for conversion into a paper, and/or figures and tables, and any other illustrative materials that have been generated from research data analysis. To fully benefit from this workshop, bringing a manuscript at an advanced stage of preparation is highly discouraged.

Eligibility / Applicants requirements:

  1. The workshops are open to young and early career researchers with a strong interest in improving scientific writing skills. More specific applicant requirements include the following:
  2. Currently conducting research in sectors of agricultural, water resources, disaster management, health,  environment, industrial development, mining/natural gases, forest, and fisheries
  3. Applicant must be a Tanzanian citizen
  4. Must have a research/project report for conversion into a paper, and/or analyzed research data through figures and tables.
  5. Fluent in English (written and spoken)
  6. Women candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.


How to apply:

Interested eligible applicants please visit: http://www.costech.or.tz/  (through Call for the fourth Scientific Research Paper Writing (4th SRP) Training Workshop: here to complete the online application form.

Key dates:

Call for applications release: 15th February 2023 

Application deadline: 22nd March 2023

Late and/or incomplete applications will NOT be considered



The successful applicants who will be selected to attend the workshop will automatically receive financial support from COSTECH to cover the training materials, food, and refreshments. There will be no stipend or any other form of allowance from COSTECH; however, participants will be provided with a certificate of participation in a scientific research paper-writing workshop upon successful completion of the training workshop.


Training Venue: The training venue will be communicated to successful applicants. For more information, the applicants may contact Maurid Mohamed through cell phone: 0625543945, 0784843948 or through email: mauridi.mohamed@costech.or.tz.

Note: If you don’t hear from us by 31st March 2023, please consider your application unsuccessful.