Functions of COSTECH

The functions of the Commission are: -

  1. To formulate policy on the development of science and technology and recommend its implementation by the Government;
  2. To monitor and co-ordinate the activities relating to scientific research and technology development of all persons or body of persons concerned with such activities;
  3. To acquire, store and disseminate scientific and technical information, and may, for that purpose held or sponsor conferences, symposia, meetings, seminars or workshops, or publish any newspaper, journal or periodical or do any other act or thing designed to promote interest in science and technology development;
  4. To advise the Government on:
  1. Priorities in scientific research;
  2. The allocation and utilization of research and innovation funds according to national priorities;
  3. Regional and international co-operation in scientific research and transfer of technology;
  4. Matters relating to the training and recruitment of research personnel;
  5. Instruction on scientific subjects in educational institutions within the United Republic;
  6. The initiation, formulation, and implementation of research policies and programmes;
  7. The establishment and maintenance of national scientific standards;
  8. Science and technology policy;
  1. To consult, coordinate and supervise the determination, planning and allocation of funds by national research institutions to research projects and programmes within their respective fields of research;
  2. To examine the research and development programmes of national research institutions, whether or not affiliated to the commission, and advise on the best ways of achieving the objectives of those researches;
  3. To evaluate existing and proposed policies and the activities of the Government directed at the development of science and technology;
  4. To promote the carrying out of research in the area of science and technology;
  5. To mobilize funds for support and promotion of scientific research and technological development from both the Government and other sources;
  6. To popularize science and technology at all levels including the general public;
  7. To foster co-operation in all matters relating to science and technology at regional and international levels;
  8. To advise the Government on better and more efficient ways, of implementing the national science and technology policy;
  9. To facilitate the full and advantages application of research results for the better social and economic development of the United Republic;
  10. To carry out independently or in co-operation with any appropriate person, body, agency or institution such surveys and investigations as the Commission may consider necessary for the proper performance of its functions;
  11. To identify, within the framework of national, social, economic and political constraints technological need for utilization in the different sectors of the economy;
  12. To acquire and analyse information on alternative sources of technology and its delivery to users;
  13. To make an evaluation and selection of technologies with a view of developing a capacity of decision making in the area of science and technology;
  14. To play a major role in the un-packing of imported technology including the assessment of the suitability of the technology as well as the direct and indirect costs of importing technology developing such technology;
  15. To assist institutions importing technology in the negotiation of contracts for the supply of technology with the view of securing favourable terms tinder which technology may be supplied;
  16. To maintain a registry of imported technology and register of domestic technological resources and manpower;
  17. To act as a catalyst for the development of indigenous technology;
  18. To provide training for technical personnel in various fields of analysis of the transfer of technology;
  19. To register all technology transfer agreements;
  20. To prepare plans for the development of technology in the critical sectors of the economy;
  21. To monitor continuously the execution of any contract or agreement registered.
  22. To finance, by way of loan or grant, any research or study carried on by or for the benefit of persons or organisations engaged in research in matters relating to the development of science and technology;
  23. To finance by way of loan or grant, the training of citizens of the United Republic by or for the benefit of Organizations engaged in research in the development of science and technology;
  24. To make an award or awards to persons or body of persons qualified for the grant to him or it’s of an award under this Act;
  25. To provide support for scientific research and technology development and the application of the results in compliance with the national priorities determined by the Government upon advice by the Commission;
  26. To commission the carrying out an institution or individual of any specific research which is of special national importance.