Research is recognized as organized and systematic way of findings answers to questions. In doing this a definite set of process and steps are followed. But for the purpose of research clearance, research is very broadly defined. It includes all activities which involve gathering of information that enables one to have an understanding of a phenomena.

Who Should Apply:
  • All foreign researchers
  • All Tanzanians who studying abroad and in need of undertaking research activities in the country
  • All Tanzanians except staffs and students from institutions of higher learning as well as staffs of affiliated research institutions or government ministries who are required to do research as part of their duties.
Important points and requirements:

Applicants for research clearance are required to submit application form, Curriculum vitae, Research proposal and three passport size photographs preferably two month before commencement of research. Permits are given for a period of one year and can be renewed for similar period provided satisfactory progress reports for the previous periods are received by COSTECH.

If and when these formalities have been satisfactorily completed (which may take several months) applicant will receive a formal written offer of a research clearance. Applicant should not make any irreversible preparations to leave for Tanzania unless and until he/she receives this offer letter. Soon after obtaining a research permit, the researcher will be required to proceed to the Immigration Department and apply for class C residence permit.

Application procedures:

There are differing application procedures depending on nationality, field of study, and affiliation. Follow this link to download Clearance & Permits requirements.