Human Capital Development and Quality Livelihood

Published at: 2022-02-11 14:08:05

Socio-economic transformation depends on human capital development built on access to quality education, health, water and sanitation, food security and nutrition, human settlement, land management and demographics. For Tanzania to attain quality livelihood and equitable access to quality services for her population, informed policies and strategies for all social groups are needed.

The 4IR has brought on the adoption of robotics and increased automation that has benefitted the industrialisation trajectory. However, the adoption of these technologies may have adverse effects on the social welfare of the population and lead to complex societal problems. Research interventions to address these emerging issues are of paramount importance.

Research in this area serves to complement and enhance ongoing initiatives by providing evidence to ensure cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation in the sectors of education, health, settlement, water and sanitation, as well as food security and nutrition. The prime objective is to attain quality livelihood for every Tanzanian and transform the current pace of growing the population into skilled human capital for the industrial-based economy in a sustainable manner.

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